The Simple The Better

it has been more than a year I did not voice out the inner feeling of myself. Weird and odd indeed. Every thing seems to be hidden depth inside the heart and the soul. Who knows what am I thinking or worrying of all these while?

Happy Lunar New Year...!!

the very first entry in year 2014.
what am I expecting for after a long period of resting and abandoning this 'lil bloggie?

are you there, my faithful readers?

truth to be told,
bloggie seems to be a platform or a channel for me to shout out the thoughts of my mind. On the contrary, I failed to express myself in speeches. How sadly it is.

not going to make any promises of updating this bloggie occasionally. It is a tough job indeed. But... I would like to seek back the old interests of mine. To brighten up my life. To inspire or enlighten the current circumstance. Oh well... I am not sick of life, sincerely. But the urge of seeking a meaningful life is freaking strong. And it makes me wanna do it now. That is why I am blogging again.

so... pray. Pray that I could overcome all the obstacles and fight for the goal of my life.

thus... live well and stay strong.

Todai Buffet Restaurant. Truly a disappointment.

"Why TODAI? Today is TODAI." -- the slogan of Todai which makes no sense. According to Elmer Dills, famous Los Angeles food critics, once described Todai as "The Mother of All Seafood Buffet". I doubt it, however.

Todai is an international seafood and sushi buffet restaurant which is located in The Shoppes, Marina Bay Sands. I went to there in this afternoon. With a humble entrance of Todai restaurant, I expected there are plethora of food selection to satisfy my taste bugs and stomach. But apparently it did not reach my expectation. What a disappointment to dine in there.

from the information I obtained, either from the official website, blog reviews, or the compliments of the foodies, Todai is kinda highly-recommended buffet restaurant to have a wonderful seafood feast. However, it failed to make me feel so.

the colleagues and I were having lunch there. We got ourselves all the way from JB to S'pore in order to taste the Alaskan snow crabs and oysters. But obviously none of them were available. Not even a piece of salmon or Chili Crabs.

based on the blog reviews I read, Todai supposed to provide us those delicacies. Shall I conclude that I am that unlucky to gain the opportunity to taste them? No further comment 'bout it.

goodnight, people! I am wore out as walked too much. Not going to talk 'bout the food anymore. To dine in Todai, is such a waste.

The 8 Days.

15 minutes to go, before we approach to another grand new day. Yes, Thursday is coming soon. Time nor tide waits no man. It seems like the holidays are going to be ended soon but still, there are so many incomplete to-be-accomplished-tasks awaiting for me to complete with.

hmmm... let us have a summary of what I had been done over the past few days.

15 August, Wed
I guess I was too delighted as I could not remember what I had actually done that day, after the school. But I remember clearly that I went out yum cha with Mr. Kenny T. at night. Had a nice chat with him. =D

16 August, Thurs
had a substituted tuition class in the morning and another tuition class in the evening. But what was I doing that night? Could not remember again. ++" Am I suffering from a short term loss of memory?

17 August, Fri
same as Thursday. Had a substituted tuition class in the morning. The travel-mates-to-be aka colleagues came to my house at around 3pm to print out some personal documents. Another colleague passed by to pass me something 'bout an hour later. Wow... were they missing me as the holidays are just begun? hohoho... At night, I had a wonderful badminton game with the churchees as well as with the younger brother. I could not remember when was the last time I played badminton with him. It seems to be during our childhood period. Such a long long time ago. I fail to describe the feeling in words, at here. God knows.

18 August, Sat
had the tuition classes as usual. In the morning and afternoon respectively. Supposed to attend to the drum lesson at church. However, I received the message from my shih-fu. The class canceled due to the reason of unavailable of practice room. Good news to me actually since I did not practising at home at all, for what I have learnt in the previous lessons. In the end, I occupied the time by shopping at Giant Leisure Mall. At night, I had an extraordinary fellowship. We had a great chat at the church of course. Not to forget, at Living Room as well. Bad news received, yet I pray for a new circumstance would come and I believe that there must have something God wants us to learn throughout the entire progress of the incident.

19 August, Sun
was a Raya day. Greeted Rahila right after I woke up. As usual, was invited to her house to celebrate Raya. However, none of the Pelangians wanted to go, thus I did not go too. Went to have breakfast before attended to Sunday worship. Something happened after the worship. Perhaps it was only a coincidence or might be an arrangement by God, my prayer had been answered. The old mama, finally, had an opportunity to get close to Mr. Kenny T. and had a short chat with him. Yes, I hope to see that and I always do. I pray that the old mama could actually get involved in my story of romance. To know him better. Watched 2 movies that day. For sure it was an unforgettable outing, but not 'cuz of the 2 movies, for another reason. =P sweet.

20 August, Mon
attended to a scripture conference by Pastor Stephen Tong. A good conference indeed. 

The churchees were then went to Ikea and VivoCity to have dinner and shopping. At last, I gained the chance to try out the Swedish meatballs at Ikea. But too bad I forgot to take a photo. ++" Well, it seems like my brain did not function properly these few days. Was truly wore out that day. Almost cried in tears. Terribly homesick that night. LOL... I was like a kid. Hoped that someone would noticed my weird acts and tried to coax me. However, it did not work. Reached home at around midnight and slept at around an hour later.

21 August, Tues
woke up with a terribly bad mood. But I had to pretend like nothing happened and accompanied the old mama to have breakfast. Wow... trust me, that was a great breakfast with tasty food and nice ambience. In spite of it, I forgot to take a photo again. Back home, had a 'lil chat with the old mama. It enlightened me, somehow. To be shared, an effective communication begins when 2-ways communication exists, particularly with a face-to-face method. Thank God for giving us the ability to communicate. In the end, I realized my mistakes and shortcomings. Never make the same mistakes and will try to overcome the shortcomings, I promised. As a result of a good walk and peaceful talk... problem solved. =D

22 August, Wed
slept until 10am. Stayed at home until 4:30pm. Went out with the woman, Se Xun Tan. It felt great to hang out with her. Had a nice talk 'bout future, boys, work and some gossips. =) She enlightened me too. Honesty is the most essential element to nurture a best relationship. Hope it works on me too.

2:00am. Time to sleep and I shall stop here right now. Good night people!


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