Thirst is defined many ways, with the most literal definition being the subject of any of those classic scenes where the protagonist is in a desert and seeks an oasis of water to save their lives.

oh yes, it happened again. I totally stopped blogging for a few months.

I sort of go through this kinda thing so often, and have for the past year or so. Sometime it is simply life getting hectic, sometimes it is me forgetting or just unable to, and sometime I have just been plain slacky, you see.

I think, however, that all of these point to something that I myself struggle with at times, and that is what I define it as "thirst for blogging". And here, I talk 'bout THIRST as an intense desire to have or do something.

I used to blog on a regular basis. That said, my blogging thirst can vary from day to day, week to week, even by months or years. Truth to be told, staying thirsty is not easy, particularly you never want to be like this. I definitely have had my struggles over the past couple years. I do not know how many posts will really appear on this blog moving forward, as my own thirst seems to vary as much as a kitty in a room full of boxes, strings and scratching posts. But I do know that when you do feel the urge, when you do want to quench your thirst to blog, that you should, at every opportunity, like what I am doing now.

I think that is enough of satisfying my thirst for the day.






The Simple The Better

it has been more than a year I did not voice out the inner feeling of myself. Weird and odd indeed. Every thing seems to be hidden depth inside the heart and the soul. Who knows what am I thinking or worrying of all these while?

Happy Lunar New Year...!!

the very first entry in year 2014.
what am I expecting for after a long period of resting and abandoning this 'lil bloggie?

are you there, my faithful readers?

truth to be told,
bloggie seems to be a platform or a channel for me to shout out the thoughts of my mind. On the contrary, I failed to express myself in speeches. How sadly it is.

not going to make any promises of updating this bloggie occasionally. It is a tough job indeed. But... I would like to seek back the old interests of mine. To brighten up my life. To inspire or enlighten the current circumstance. Oh well... I am not sick of life, sincerely. But the urge of seeking a meaningful life is freaking strong. And it makes me wanna do it now. That is why I am blogging again.

so... pray. Pray that I could overcome all the obstacles and fight for the goal of my life.

thus... live well and stay strong.


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